Space Concepts

e-d-f#-c 2001
space – color – music – performance
interdisciplinary teamwork with the students of the School of Music and Theater (HMT) Zurich and Winterthur

Installation and presentation at Seefeldstrasse 317, Zurich
A spatial installation in the Fibonacci proportions on ca 120 m² floor space.

The music compositions for this installation are based on the color and sound experiments of Alexander Scriabin.
The scale of Alexander Scriabin is based on certain colors of the spectrum. The installation consists of colored elements in the accord:
e = white / f sharp = blue / d = yellow / c = red

The distances on and between the elements on the walls and on the floor determine the rhythm of the compositions.

Photo: J. Wetzel
Plan with folded-down side-view:
P. Meierhofer / 3-D Model: W. Wolf


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